Day 4 – Politics Day

Today was very eventful from discussions about future projects to teaching English to the locals, this left us little time for breaks.
We began our day by discussing our community action project, which we will work on with a local organization to help create a project that will further the quality of life of the people in the area from when we’re here to afterwards.
Afterwards, the Glimpsers had a visit from a political representative, Carmen who spoke about her experience as an indigenous woman in politics. She spoke about her struggles and her hopes and dreams that the following generation will be able to succeed her, and that she will create a lasting legacy. It was really special to hear the struggles she went through, and see the positive impacts from that.
Afterwards, for some time, the group split into smaller sections to prepare and discuss what they would be teaching later and in the following days for their English classes. We then took a bus to the school, where for the following two hours we met our classes for the first time, and began our lessons. It was a really unique experience working with the locals and working with the youth while trying to communicate with them even though the language barrier posed an obstacle. Nonetheless, it was a unique and exhilarating experience.
We then finished off our day with our daily “nightly meeting” where we recapped the events of the day and announced our next leader for the following day. Being the leader of the day, at first, was quite frightening given that there were no prior student leaders. However, as my time being leader progressed, I had come to really enjoy the experience I was given that i was able to lead the group. Even though today’s leader (me) was courageous in volunteering to go first, I have faith that the leaders of the future will not only do great, but will also succeed at what I did today.