With a collective total of 9 flights and an average of 9 hours of travel time each, I can proudly say that the Estelí group has safely made it to Nicaragua! From first stepping into the airport to now, having experienced their first full day as Nicaraguans, this group has exemplified what it means to be Global Glimpse student leaders. Each student has embraced their new GG family, from their fellow students, GG Leaders, to in county staff, and has already begun to develop the types of relationships that will be meaningful and hopefully, lifelong.IMAG0020

Once arriving in Managua, we met our Estelí Team, Ena and Marijus, who gave us a quick orientation and took us to have our first meal together. We then made our way to our hostel for the night, where we met up with another Nicaragua delegation. The evening was filled with bonding and sharing thoughts about what the next 2 weeks would have in store, before turning in for the night. In the morning, after a typical breakfast of eggs and gallo pinto (rice and beans), we boarded our bus and headed to Hostel Tomabu, our new home away from home.

The day was filled with learning more about our new team and the wonderful experiences we will have in the coming weeks, and trying out new foods. Tomorrow we take a tour to the city, learn about the history of Nicaragua and Estelí, and visit a cultural center. We are all looking forward to a great trip!

Willa I. – Estelí GG Leader