unnamed (1)Dear friends and family,

After a very long-awaited arrival, our group finally made it to Ecuador – and to our host city, Riobamba! After a super late night last night, we got a bit of rest at a beautiful hostel in the historic center of Quito, the capital. This morning we all met up on the terrace to enjoy the sun and catch a quick view of the beautiful city. The traveling wasn’t over quite yet – stocked with PB&Js, we headed off on a 3.5 hour bus ride to Riobamba, complete with beautiful green scenery which most students probably missed due to a perfect nap opportunity.



We all got settled in to our new home for the next 2 weeks – Hotel Tren Dorado, an airy open hostel with a central courtyard smack in the center of the city, and next to the famed train station (we will get our bearings and learn more about our surroundings over the next few days!). After an icebreaker to get more comfortable with each other, we headed to Roma Santa – our wonderful food provider – for a delicious first Ecuadorian lunch. We enjoyed a typical soup called “sancocho,” chicken crepes with rice and salad, and a healthy dessert complete with strawberries and uvillas, or goldenberries, a tasty fruit native to the Andes.

Then we got down to business – our Welcome/Hostel Orientation gave students some information about living in their new hostel and we played a game to make sure we all know the rules! While the adults met for a bit, students played cards and got to know each other better. It is a wonderful group and slowly but surely, they are coming out of their shells! Due to some itinerary rearrangements after travel delays, we are easing into things and getting lots of information taken care of before we can start having some real fun!



A delicious dinner preceded our very first nightly meeting, a daily activity lead by today’s and tomorrow’s ELDD (El Lider del Dia / Leader of the Day) where we reflect on the day’s doings and learnings, and prepare for the next day. Stay tuned to hear about the Glimpsers’ first English class!

Tomorrow's ELDD being crowned!

Tomorrow’s ELDD being crowned!

We are happy and healthy here in Riobamba, and the students are sound asleep as we speak (write). We’re all very excited to get to know our new surroundings, and friends, even more!

Saludos desde Riobamba 🙂 buenas noches!