At Newark airport at 5:20am. We went through security without any issues, boarded our plane and arrived safely in Costa Rica.

We have arrived in Costa Rica.

Before boarding the bus that would take us to our lunch at La Casona de Laly in San Jose, we watched our bus driver Gustavo and Memo load our luggage into this giant bag of bags on top of our bus. It was like watching them play Tetris with our luggage.

We got off the bus and headed to lunch.

After lunch, we had an almost two hour drive to our accommodations in Turrialba – Casa Aquiares but everyone was so worn out. There was a lot of sleeping on the bus!

Our accommodations.  

Lining up for dinner. After dinner, we had a bit of free time before lights out and the group decided to play some games. A big group decided to play Mafia and others played basketball, cards and bootleg Jenga. There was even a bicycle ride! Overall, it has been a long day but also so exciting because we made it here!