Hello Glimpsers!

My name is Derek Lough and I am lucky enough to be one of your chaperones for your trip with Global Glimpse this summer. I am currently a resident counselor at the Illinois Mathematics & Science Academy where I live and work with bright and engaged students like you. I’ve traveled to 17 countries outside the United States, although this will be my first time to Central America.  Additionally, I have just completed my Field Project for my Masters in International & Multicultural Education with an Emphasis in Human Rights Education. I love to hike, explore new cultures, and find the fun in life. I’m looking forward to getting to know each of you.

2017 Global Glimpse Leaders

  Hello June 17th Nicaragua GG Group.  My name is Cristee Lempa and I am one of 4 GGL’s that will be with you on your trip.  I’m excited to meet you all and look forward to traveling to Matagalpa with you. A little bit about me…I am a teacher at Deerfield High School and have been teaching for the past 20 years.  I love to travel and explore (however, most of my travels have been inside the US)  I am married and my husband and I have 4 children to keep us busy.  We love to spend our summer camping, hiking and exploring a new state each year.  I love to run, read, play games and do yoga in my free time.  This trip is exciting for me because I love to step outside my comfort zone, meet new people and explore different cultures.  My only out of country travels have been to Tahiti (Bora Bora and Morea) and Mexico so I am hoping to learn a lot from all of you and our shared experiences.

 This blog is going to be our group’s record of thought during our time in Nicaragua. Each person will have the opportunity to be Student Leader of the Day–and it is the Student Leader of the Day’s responsibility to write the blog post. This means that each person will be able to: 1) reflect on the day, 2) write about what we did, 3) write about what they thought about what we did, and 4) write about their hopes for the rest of the trip. Remember, phones and WiFi capable devices are not allowed to be in your possession while in-country. This will be a log by the students as well as one of the few opportunities to tell your friends and family back home what you are experiencing as you’re experiencing it!

 We are looking forward to meeting all of you and creating some great memories together in Matagalpa! We’ll be meeting at Terminal 1 (before passing through security) in O’Hare Airport no later than 11AM. We will be flying United 1128.  Remember to contact either one of us should you have any questions or concerns in the lead up to the trip. See you in a couple weeks.

–Cristee and Derek