Dear Glimpsers, Global Glimpse Leaders, and Parents:

We are thrilled to welcome our first group of Glimpsers to Estelí very soon as your arrival date rapidly approaches! For the past few months we have carefully planned and coordinated all of the details of your itinerary and are so excited for you to connect with the wonderful people/communities and their projects that are making a positive difference in Nicaragua! Together, we have built a comprehensive program for you, full of engaging activities that will give you a true glimpse of Nicaraguan life in and around Estelí.  

As you begin to ready yourselves for this journey, we ask that you take the time to learn an interesting fact (or two!) about Nicaragua, practice a bit of Spanish, and remember to keep an open mind.  We know that if you approach this trip with open mind, all that you will experience in your 15 days in Nicaragua will not only teach you a lot about Nicaragua, but also about yourselves.  That said, it will not always be easy! Your time in Estelí will challenge you to leave your comfort zone at times, which will lead to growth.  However, we know that you were chosen to participate in Global Glimpse because of your leadership potential and we are excited to see how you will develop as leaders during your time in Nicaragua! We believe in you and will be here to support you every step of the way.  We know how hard you’ve worked to get here, and we will give our best effort this summer to help ensure that this will be an adventure that you will fully enjoy and never forget.  

We look forward to meeting all of you at the airport and beginning our adventure together!

Saludos (greetings),

Your Program Coordinators,

Christa & Belkis

PS: Below you can see us in front of a famous mural in Esteli! Estelí is famous for them, and you can read more about Estelí’s murals here: