Welcome students, parents, guardians, family, friends and everyone connected to our Constanza C1C trip!  I’m Eric Ferrante, one of your Global Glimpse Leaders this summer and I’m looking forward to our trip!

About me
I’ve been teaching math and computer science at Cupertino High School for the past 20 years and love it.  For me, teaching is a people-person job where every year brings new creative fun.  Shown in the picture here is my wife and I at our wedding party just this past March. We finally got married after seven years 🙂  We live a sporty, outdoor lifestyle and we’re always doing something fun so be sure to ask me for a story or two.  Our most recent adventure was a Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race in SF on Easter Sunday!  I dressed up as Elvis and Anne wore lady bug pants and a pink cowgirl hat.  We have two dogs, eight chickens, and we love biking as our main transportation around town. We live in Santa Cruz, CA and we play a lot of beach volleyball, surf, bike, hike, and I also play tennis and pickleball.

Why I became a GG Leader
I love experiencing new adventures and learning from others.  Being a GG Leader is an opportunity for me to experience life and culture different from my own and to incorporate what I learn into my own humanity.  I listen to a lot of story-based podcasts and I feel that hearing the voice and perspective of others helps me grow as a compassionate and well-rounded contributor to our world.

What I’m looking forward to
I’m looking forward to all the small things I can’t predict but that will end up being the best parts of our trip.  Maybe it will be a conversation with someone from the community or a new card game you guys teach me when we have free time?  When I went to Mexico on a surf trip last winter, it was (a) home made tortillas (b) appreciation for the connectedness of families I saw and (c) watching my friend take initiative to help an elderly woman up a sand bank.

Looking forward to a fantastic trip,

– Eric