Greetings Glimpsers!

I am so excited to be co-leading your trip to the Dominican Republic!  This will be my 4th trip since I started with Global Glimpse in 2013 – 10 years ago! My first two trips were to Nicaragua, and I went to Ecuador in 2019.  This will be my first time in the DR, so it will be something new for all of us!

I teach AP Environmental Science and Video Production at Freedom High School in Oakley, CA.  As much as I love technology, sometimes I just can’t wait to “unplug” and join awesome people like you in the great outdoors!  I was born in Florida, so the humid climate may feel familiar to me, but the history and culture we will experience will be drastically different.

I love to travel and feel like everyone should have the opportunity to experience life in another part of the world.  One can’t help but change their perspective and see life differently, especially after spending two weeks in a developing country.  I look forward to hearing how your views change after this experience with Global Glimpse!

John Sierra