Along with my co-leader, Muhammed, I’m excited to welcome you to your Global Glimpse experience! Traveling abroad is an eye-opening experience, and if this is your first time, it’s sure to really impact you in the best of ways. Global Glimpse has also created an amazing curriculum for you, paired with unique experiences that will make for life-time memories. Muhammed and I are thrilled that we have the privilege of leading you on this adventure.

Here’s a litte bit of information about me so that you have a sense of who I am!

I grew up in NYC, went to Hunter College High School, and later graduated from Colby College, which is up in Maine. My eyes were opened to travel at the age of 15 when I visited a poor part of Mexico City to visit with my friend’s family in honor of her 15th birthday. We took showers using buckets in the bathroom and what we ate was simple but delicious. The people were warm and very funny, and I became fascinated with other cultures. I studied Spanish all through high school. Then, when I went to college, I majored in International Business and studied abroad during my junior year in Barcelona (Spain). I completely fell in love with Europe and was lucky to be offered a job in London after graduation. I worked in London for 5 years on Wall Street as a stockbroker. You know all those movies where you see traders screaming at each other across trading floors, making big deals? Yup, that’s what I did. I eventually moved to Brazil and back again to London, all while working in finance. I was really lucky that I was also able to travel A LOT during those years. I often backpacked by myself to developing countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Morocco, Nepal, etc. My favorite part of traveling was interacting with the locals and taking photographs. In 2012, I decided to leave Wall Street. I took a year off and enrolled in photography school in Paris, which was simply amazing and everything you could dream of! Then, I moved back to the US and started my own company, The Startup Consulting Group, which coaches entrepreneurs and career-changers and helps them launch their startups. I love love love what I do- it’s so much fun- and because I run my own business, I have the flexibility to do things I love, like leading this trip!  I like to think I’m pretty fun- I am relatively easy going and love to laugh, and just love getting to know other people and learning from them.

Our trip is setting out in about 10 days and I can’t wait for the adventure!