“And then I realized adventures are the best way to learn.” ― Unknown Author

Hola Glimpsers, Leaders and Parents!

Greetings from Estelí, Nicaragua!

We are Ena (Site Manager) and Marijus (Program Coordinator). Soon you’ll be here in Nicaragua and we are very excited to welcome you to Estelí, the Diamond of the Segovia, which will be your home for 2.5 weeks!

Together we will explore Estelí and its surrounding areas, full of exciting things to do and great people to meet, who are looking forward to meeting you too!

You will discover a lot about Nicaragua during your trip, You will also learn a lot about yourselves. You will inspire and you will be inspired and the same time!

We are putting together a very interesting and exciting program for you to get the very best learning experience. You were chosen to be part of this program because you are unique, leaders of tomorrow, you have the will and the skills to take the best from this experience and we sincerely appreciate your hard work to get here.

We wish you a good trip and we can’t wait to meet all of you, here in Estelí!

Ena & Marijus

Your team in Estelí: Ena and Marijus

Your team in Estelí: Ena and Marijus

P.S: Don’t forget to bring a poncho and/or umbrella, plenty of sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and hefty water bottles!