“If the homeland is small, one dreams of making it big.” – Ruben Dario

Hello Glimpsers, Global Glimpse Leaders, and Parents!

Greetings from Granada, Nicaragua:-)

We are Athalia & Noelia, your Program Coordinators. Soon, you will be here in Nicaragua, and we are SO excited to welcome you to this country of lakes and volcanoes. On this journey together, we will explore Granada and its surrounding areas over 15 days, with a focus on discovery, learning, and fun. You will discover a lot about Nicaragua during your trip, and you will also learn a lot about yourselves. You will inspire and you will be inspired at the same time.

You were chosen to be part of this program because you are unique, you have the will and the skills to make the most of this experience and we sincerely appreciate your hard work to get here.

We wish you safe travels to Nicaragua and can’t wait to meet all of you, here in Granada!


Athalia & Noelia

P.S: Don’t forget to bring plenty of mosquito repellant, rain gear, sunscreen, any allergy medications you might need, and big water bottles!

Athalia & Noelia