Welcome to Granada!

Hello Glimpsers, parents and GGL’s!  We are Ignacio and Kimberly, your program coordinators in Granada. As we write this blog, we´re so exciting for your arrival on June 17. We have worked on an incredible trip for you where you will have the opportunity to not only enjoy your time here, but it will incorporate opportunities for you to learn about the history, culture and lifestyles of Nicaragua that we hope will challenge and inspire you.

Granada, with an estimated population of about 130,000 (2009), is the oldest city Founded by Europeans in Latin America.  Granada is a very hot city year round, with very similar temperatures to Nicaragua’s capital of Managua. This is due to similarities in geography with its close proximity to a lake and surrounded by high hills.

In Granada, you can find the amazing Mombacho Volcano, which features an exotic cloud forest. As well as the interesting and easily accessible archipelago of ‘Las Isletas’, constituted by more than 300 small islets. Furthermore, you can find the enigmatic Zapatera Archipelago – which preserves part of its forest and an archaeological pre-Columbian treasure, situated on a beautiful nearby lake.

We have been working hard for the past few months to ensure that we built an amazing trip for you, and we are excited to show you everything in this great and historical city.

Ignacio and Kimberly.