Nancy and LeónHolaaaaa Glimpsers and leaders, we bid you a very warm welcome!

This is Nancy and Noel, ( N & N, get it ? lol) . We are your “Fun-tastic” program coordinator and site manager excited to have you with us in Leon this summer. We have put a lot of effort in designing a meaningful, inspirational and fun itinerary to make sure that you have the best experience during your stay in Nicaragua.

León is a charming, dynamic and colorful city filled with history, delicious food, outdoor activities, volcanoes, and nearby beaches. León’s colonial architecture, beautiful scenery, historical sites and unique cultural manifestations, make it  one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Central America. Our hearts beat faster when we talk about León and we hope that by the end of your trip you will fall in love with this city.

We know that each one of you has worked hard to be part of the Global Glimpse experience, and we would like to congratulate you for your persistence, passion and demonstrated leadership skills!

During your stay, you will explore León and get to know its people,  history, culture, and, most importantly, yourself and your peers. We hope this journey is an open door that allows you to expand your vision about the world, take academic and personal risks, meet amazing people and grow as a leader and traveler. We are here to guide you and support you during this life changing experience.

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We wish you a safe trip and look forward to welcoming you into the Global Glimpse family in June!


Nancy and Noel

P.S.: Do not hesitate to contact us for further information: [email protected]

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