Viva Moca! Here we are in the Heroic Village of Moca, Dominican Republic, named so for its rebelious spirit and history. We are thrilled to meet all of you and show you the inspiring people and places of this unique city.

In this photo we are in the hostal where you will all stay. It´s actually a beautifully lush, religous retreat center up in the hills outside Moca. Be prepared to hike a bit and take in the outstanding views of the surrounding Cibao valley.

We are Amelia (Site Manager) and Evergreen (Program Coordinator), and we are busy putting together the last details of a challenging and transformative three week itinerary. Through this journey, we hope that this experience will enlighten you, inspire you, and give you fuel to become true Global Citizens in the world and in your communities.

The communities here are also excited and waiting to meet you! We know that they will be as inspired by you as you by them. As you arrive remember this: our wish for you on this journey is that your curiosity is always greater than your fear.

Viva la lucha!!

Amelia and Evergreen.

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