HELLO, GLIMPSERS! We can’t wait to meet you all!

This is Paúl and Leydi from Riobamba 2

I, Leydi, came all the way from Panama to live this amazing experience with you, and I, Paul, am a “Riobambeño” that is proud of my country and loves sharing my culture.

We´ve been planning and getting everything ready so you get to have one of the best experiences of your life. One that will give you the tools to be a mindful global citizen. We can not wait for you to taste the traditional Ecuadorian Food, to teach you the Ecuadorian traditional dances and clothes, to take you to the closest point on Earth to the sun (Chimborazo Volcano), but most importantly to introduce you to the people that make Ecuador what it is and that is trying to make a change in their communities, they are amazing role models for you to meet and they will guide you through these 14 days.

We know some things about you, and we would like you to know more about us as: 

My name is Paúl Cevallos, I was born and raised in Riobamba-Ecuador. I studied international trade at college and right after finishing my studies I wanted to go as far as I could to experience new things. I took my suitcases and I went to live in Australia for a year. Nowadays, I am doing my master’s in Program Management, 3 years ago I started a charity that focuses on giving education to kids from low-income families in my city. Now, my program has grown to the point that I realize I need some more tools to deliver it in a better way and, to more places in my state. As for  Global Glimpse, this is the third time leading teams in my city, and I feel that I will never get bored with it. I love my culture, my people, and my history and, those are some of the reasons why I am still here and also why I am so excited to have you soon in this wonderful place called Chimborazo.

I am Leydianis González, but you can call me Leydi.  I was born in Chitré, Panama. My admiration for the patterns that allow life on Earth led me to study a B.A in Biology. Eventually, I had the opportunity to participate in the Global UGrad Program where I had the opportunity to improve my English, and my leadership skills and share cultures with people from many countries all over the world. Having that experience opened doors for me with STRI and Mcgill University to learn how to carry out research in the tropics, but also allowed me to travel all around Panama and get to know the problems that affected my country; the beautiful landscapes and animals I had always dreamed about. Inspired by that, my friends and I then co-founded Youth and Climate Change (Jóvenes y Cambio Climático) an organization that tries to raise awareness of Climate Change by creating spaces for civil society to brainstorm strategies to act on the environmental issues that most afflict my country.

One of the activities that have us really excited to show you is Indigenous Worldview Day:

The place we are going to has beautiful landscapes, ancestral architecture, and ceremonial centers whose roots are considered holy by the Puruha (native people from the Ecuadorian highlands). We are eager to share with you the traditions they have upheld – through gastronomy, outdoor activities, and historical landmarks.

Some things you should bring:

-Sunscreen, a wristwatch, a cap, allergy medicines and the names of the pills you take written down, a color copy of your passport, Clothes to keep you warm, Rain jacket, Boots to hike Chimborazo, Water bottle, Clothes that you can get dirty or stained for your CAP.

We will spend one night in Quito, so bring a change of clothes, pajamas, and hygiene products in your carry-on bag.

Your PCs

Leydianis and Paúl