In the city of Estelí, there was a group of 15 that included two Global Glimpse leaders, and 13 students that were ready to seize the day. Many of you may not have known that we actually do get a break to explore the town. We started off the day with a late wake up call (not really…). Most of us woke up around 6:30 and call was at 8 (I know, what’s wrong with us). As we all came down to the common area we did are usual headcount, of “18” and we headed out to the buffet. We were fed a delicious bell pepper, onion, turkey omlette, with the famous gallo pinto! We all grabbed our drinks and played the mystery game to figure what fruit we were drinking today.

After breakfast we all came back to the Hostel and decided what we were doing on our dia libre 😉 We first went to the Artesania sorpresa, and observed the different crafts Estelí had to offer. Next, we went to see the bomberos that stole our hearts…Well not all our hearts. Most of us stayed with the bomberos (fire fighters) and then the rest went to give there loved ones an early call. We later then met up at the Recreational center for a game of soccer. Most of us noticed that you can’t play soccer with just five players. We ditched the center for a while to see if any kids out of school wanted to play. We found a group of five young men that were done with school for the day. Seeing two different worlds combine was pretty miraculous.

We then went down the main street and we discovered an amazing smoothie shop that got our taste buds running wild. From then on we came back to our hostel to sign in and head out to lunch. Most of us were pretty full from our smoothies so we showed up to lunch with a full stomach, so lunch was cut pretty short. We headed back out to call those we love and check up on our fans on social media 😉 We then went to stash up our rooms with goodies i.e. JUNK FOOD <3 We headed back to the hostel shortly after to get started on our lessons for our english tutoring session.

After getting our work together we were off to fill the heads of our students that long to learn more english. The motivation our students have is a beautiful thing. After our session we were off to dinner as the tables flooded and and mouths were filled and stomachs were stuffed, we headed home to our nightly meeting. Our meeting was filled with thorns, roses, and laughter. Now I’m here, writing this blog, hearing the contagious laughs of my family up on the terrace (it’s an everyday thing). Well I’m going to go catch up with them now! 🙂 Thank you for reading! We enjoy your comments, those tend to be the highlight of our night! Toon in tomorrow for our next leader! Thanks again 🙂

Goodnight, Sweet Dreams,

Amanda Avalos 🙂 <3