Hi everyone! I’m Mayeann and today, the blog is being written by me! 🙂 Today was our first free day here in Granada, and we’ve been looking forward to this day for a while because our average days are so full of activity that a day for ourselves was very appealing! Many of us went to the Internet CafĂ© to check on social media. Some of us added each other on Facebook. We also went there to get updates on things we’ve missed since we left, and we also called our parents for more than a minute, which was great! Personally, I talked on the phone for 25 minutes and it was so satisfying because the last time I talked to my dad, it was only for 15 seconds since that was all I had left for my minute when my mom passed the phone to him.

Some of us even went up a church tower to see the city and take pictures because the view from up there is amazing! The cost to get up there was C$25 which is a little less than one dollar! Eventually, a lot of us Glimpsers met up coincidentally at the same time, to get gelato. My group even went for seconds at a different shop too! While we were sitting at our table outside, two people popped out of nowhere and starting singing to us.

Our free time really flew by fast and soon enough it was time for tutoring English! The kids definitely are starting to understand a lot more, and are feeling more comfortable around each other so they are starting to answer more and participate. Teaching them English can actually be fun once you realize that the students are learning and seem engaged.

Overall, our day was relaxing and it was super nice to actually be able to walk around the city and explore for ourselves to see what Granada has to offer. We were all able to visit the places we wanted to visit and buy more snacks to last until our next Free Day and I believe we all enjoyed our real “tourist moment” here in Granada. 🙂