Hi everyone! Denise here – I will be the official blogger for tonight and tomorrow night. After that, the student Leaders of the Day will take over and start posting some amazing pictures of our daily adventures. There is so much cool stuff planned for you over the next 18 days! Please make sure to read and comment on our blog posts – Every night, we will read all of the great comments from all of you to the whole group to show that you’re talkin’ to us and we’re hearin’ ya.


Team Leon has landed and is ready to take on the day tomorrow! But first, let me tell you a little bit about the excitement of today! Props to all of the parents that met us all in the middle of the night to see us off. Both of our flights to get to Managua were as smooth as butter. But we were a tad bit groggy at 9:30 in the morning to meet up with Nancy and Noel, or wonderful in-country staff. We loaded our luggage onto a big school bus and headed for our 2 hour trek to Leon. We stopped by Nica’s biggest lake and took a pretty cute pic of all of us in front of the water and the volcano.


Attempting to get used to the heat and humidity, we tried to also start to get acquainted with a culture & safety orientation. We had our first two meals at Comedor Imabite, and there’s so much variety! Fresh mango juice! Tamarindo! yum. And now it’s about bed time, where we have a wake up call at 7am to get to breakfast and learn about the history and politics of Nicaragua. We’re pretty excited! Comment below to show us some love from home!