Hey everyone! My name is Sidney and I am beyond excited  for this trip! The day after school finals and I am still packing but all good because this blog is is my packing break! Right now I attend Castro Valley Highschool in Castro Valley.I love music dearly and I enjoy all adventures. I have traveled quite a lot in my 16 years with my family and have loved every second of it! I play competitive soccer and I run cross country and track. I also want to pursue photography! I can’t wait to experience this amazing opportunity with all of you people! I look forward to taking pictures of absolutely everything that we see, so you better be ready for those head shots! Or maybe just pictures of the back of your head and what’s around us. Who knows? Anyways, I also can’t wait to meet you guys and hear all your stories! I hope we all have a great time! See you on that 1 am flight :)))))