About Us

Global Glimpse is a non-profit organization that partners with a diversity of high performing high schools to provide a two-year leadership, civic engagement, and college preparatory program centered on a summer immersion experience in the developing world.

We bring groups of students from a wide variety of high schools together through travel with highly-skilled teachers the summer after their junior year. While abroad, this group of learners explore history, culture, politics, poverty, education, development and business in a developing country. We challenge students to think critically, collaborate with each other and bring their new-found perspective back to their high schools and communities.

We help our students take their first powerful steps toward engaging the world.


“Before we can change the world, we must get to know the world and allow the world to get to know us.” – Global Glimpse Alumna


Our Core Values

Experiential: Immerse high school students into life in the developing world to build perspective and develop a problem-solving approach to challenges.

Accessible: Help high school students from all walks of life experience more of the world and connect with other young people from different neighborhoods and backgrounds.

Empowering: Encourage critical thinking and instill a strong belief that high school students can drive positive change in their schools and communities.

Reciprocal: Approach every new opportunity, every individual, and every place as a learning opportunity with a goal to share knowledge and build connection.

Sustainable: Build long-term partnerships with US high schools, teachers, and communities where our students travel, study and live.


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