I’m Brittney & I’m one of your trip leaders! I live in the South Bay and teach art & leadership at a continuation high school in San Jose. I wanted to be a GGL because I’ve traveled quite a bit since high school & have found the best experiences are when you can actually interact with and experience life like a local. I know this trip will be very rewarding!

I’m so excited for our adventures together… which begin in exactly 1 month from now (not that I’m counting…but I am 🙂 oh, and unfortunately…that was about the extent of my Spanish, so I’ll be counting on you all who are native speakers & who are studying Spanish to help us all out!

I’m looking forward to meeting you all, and sharing this awesome experience with all of you!

Please introduce yourselves, maybe how comfortable you are with the Spanish language, a little about you, & what you’re most looking forward to so we can all get to know each other before this adventure takes way!

Looking forward to June 8th!