Hola GG Familias


Today we started off the day with a wake-up call at 6:45 am, to get ready for a VERY long day we had ahead of us. The day consisted of an amazing breakfast to get us ready for the fun journey ahead. After breakfast, we got on the bus for our 45min bus ride to our scenic destination, La Chimborazo, the volcano. Our guides began the tour with a heavy incline on La Chimborazo, showing us the important spiritual connection that the natives have to it, as well as the incredible view of the point closest to the sun on Earth. Our day continued with a dusty sand storm ride back down to the ride where we later took an hour-long hike. This consisted of multiple layers of clothing, sunglasses, hats, and scarves to protect ourselves from the heavy wind. Even though we are all from the Windy City we were no match for those wind tunnels. Our wonderful guides led us through a magnificent route that consisted of waterfalls, animals, mountains, and local plants. The bumpy trail throughout the hike created satisfaction at the end of the rode where we were later driven back home. When we arrived at La Primavera we were met with a short lunch and an even longer day ahead of us. We had to prep and plan for our meeting with Lorena, the principal of Carlos Garbay. To prepare for the meeting we all dressed in business casual clothes and met in the meeting room, where we split ourselves into three groups for our CAP projects to present our ideas to Lorena. All three presentations went very smoothly with our CAP ideas consisting of repainting, creating communication boards, and sewing stuffed clothing.


After our CAP presentations we had a wonderful last dinner at La Nativa where we were greeted with a traditional indigenous dance, ate burgers and wings, and said our final goodbyes to Chef Cesar with a picture to commemorate the moment. Finally, we got back to La Primavera where we started our nightly meeting and passed the torch to the next LDD of next day.

Big love,

Torii & Angelese