Hello all!

Today was Work Like a Local Day, which means we were all working in the market today. The day started up with a wakeup call at 7:00, followed by a breakfast at Imabite. After breakfast, we went to the Santos Barcenas market and were assigned vendor stalls in pairs. We helped the stall owners sell their wares, with varying methods and efficacies. We were competing for prizes as well – Most Sales, Loudest, Most Creative, Most Flexible, and Best Advertisement. We worked in the stalls for a while – almost four hours. Lunch came in the form of takeout from Imabite, with meals and juice for both us and our stall owners (which we then ate together). After the work, we met the administrator of the market, whom we thanked for having us and gave the Speaker Gift.

After that, we went back to the hostel, where we prepared for our presentation for the technical side of the CAP project to Ramón, a representative of Barrilete. Things actually went a lot smoother than we had anticipated, since we had assumed many things would not be available that in fact were, and as such had over-complicated the project. The initial plan is officially completely feasible given the time, and incredibly under budget.

After the presentation, we had free time until 4:00. One group went to the internet cafe, while another one went to the coffee shop first (and then the internet cafe). After free time, we dressed up for dinner since we got a special night out. We went to a restaurant and had pizza and lemon meringue pie.

After that, it was off to the English tutoring classes. They are moving along very smoothly at this point. Finally, we came back to the hostel and had the nightly meeting. The torch of El Lider Del Día was passed to Nayeli Duran, who will be writing tomorrow’s blog post. Today was an interesting day, but more is to come tomorrow as we actually begin the project. More to come soon!

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