Hello! This is Christina (Tina) and Edith, the líderes del día for global business/work like a local day. Yesterday, Friday the 24th we went to Vivero de Cafe, a coffee plantation to experience working like a local. We were divided into 2 groups, one group picked out the weeds from the coffee plant while the other group emptied bags of dirt to be used later on. Some of us gained back/leg pain while others got bit by ants. But don’t worry we are fine now 🙂 Then, we also went to a coffee factory, Cafe Monte Alto, tried coffee, and bought coffee. Let us tell y’all the coffee was SO GOOD. After visiting Cafe Monte Alto, we got free time in town! The group got handmade ice cream and roamed around town, getting some shopping done. What a fun day!

p.s Miss you family and friends. And Happy Late Birthday Mirna! (Tina)
Los extraño a todos, can’t wait to see you all Wednesday! ( Edith)