Today we started with a wake-up call at 7:15 a.m. by the first Lideres del Dia (LDDs), Guillermo Reynoso and Rachel Arroyo. After last night’s amazing celebration, the group had to focus on working hard for the next big challenge: English Tutoring. As a part of Global Glimpse, the group gives back to the community by teaching teenagers (ages 12-18) the English language.

We began the day with a small energizer. Here, we split in groups to participate in the Human Knot game, in order to relate it to our big question of the day: How are local businesses here in Las Tablas different from the USA? From this, we learned patience and teamwork would be big themes of the day to consider as we pushed through activities. Next, we moved into one of our more serious seminars: English Tutoring, where our Program Coordinator, Nathan, gave examples on what a true patient, understanding, confident, compassionate, and good communicating teacher should look like.

After lunch, we took an exciting field trip to a local artisan’s front yard/workshop. Elilin welcomed us to join him in crafting cutarras, which are traditional sandals made from cuero (leather). He explained how he started his own business and the reasons why. He then showed us step-by-step how he produces cutarras process from sheets of leather. He also answered questions (translated by Guillermo) from the group. Elilin had prepared the materials needed to begin the weaving process of the sandal. Everyone focused on the artisan’s methods and took on the challenge of making a cutarra afterwards! Breaking into small groups, we were handed a prepped cutarra, in order to commence the weaving process. The group was patient while trying this new experience. Some people took it with no problem while others struggled to comprehend. Elilin walked around and helped those who needed assistance, and those with better understanding helped their peers. After we took our pictures, Elilin talked more in depth on how his local business is ready for international growth.

Once we returned from the field trip, we broke into small groups with the options of exploring the community or staying back to complete their English Tutoring Lesson Plan for the evening.

After dinner, we took our most heart-racing field trip to IFARHU (ee- FA- RU). Students at this high school sleep and work from Sunday evening to Thursday night, taking their weekend off back home with their families. Students come to IFARHU from up to 5 hours away to receive better education. The group went with their assigned students and began teaching their lessons.

A majority of the group expressed excitement and joy afterwards on how magnificent their teaching went. One of our peers, Cassidy, said, “awwww I don’t want to leave yet,” and it showed us that this first student-teacher interaction was impactful. The atmosphere was full of jubilant voices, which carried into our Nightly Meeting.

At our Nightly meeting, we went through pluses and wishes. This included positives and negatives for the group by the group, from the LDDs to the group, and from the group to the LDDs. This allows us to grow from each other and work on ourselves in becoming better leaders. We then moved on to “Big Loves” in which our peers, GGLs, and PCs recognize individuals or groups that impacted their day.

Even though it was a busy day, we enjoyed the field trips and the seminars. From us, Guillermo and Rachel, to the future LDDs, we ask you to be the 4 C’s: Compassionate, Courageous, Commitment, and a good sense of communication between the LDDs and the group as one. Tomorrow’s theme is “Environmental Day” which will be busy and exciting!

-Guillermo and Rachel