Today August 4th, 2017, our delegation worked and lived like locals. At 5:30 AM, we woke up, got dressed, and took a one-hour bus ride to Guamote where we visited the Ayol family. Upon arrival, we immediately were served breakfast. We were given fresh hard boiled eggs, tortillas, and a warm oatmeal and passion fruit juice. We then split up into three different groups. Today, I (Mikaela) and Lucas worked in the kitchen to make fried chicken. We began with separating the legs and torso, thoroughly cleaning it, and finally seasoning and frying each piece. We ended up frying 40 pieces to serve to the rest of the delegation, along with the GG leaders, and the Ayol family. We were also served salad and vegetable soup. The entire meal took around 3 hours to prepare. Another group went to the field to strip Quinoa while the last group prepped the soil for planting.


As a group, we collectively learned what it meant to be hardworking and humble. Although the Ayol family let us know that on average it takes two people an hour to strip quinoa plants, 10 kids from the delegation worked for 3 hours and they couldn’t strip it all. Every student completed a task that was both physically and mentally challenging. In order to get the job done, it is so essential to do it with a positive attitude and without complaints. The people in the Ayol family carry out these tasks and more every day with ease. Working with them was not only extremely inspiring, but eye opening. We were so encouraged to experience firsthand how kind and welcoming the Ayol family was.


Many of us can agree that the people we met today exerted positive and strong energy that made us feel happy and grateful. One of the most inspiring people we met today was Andy. Andy was the definition of a free spirit. He would run up the hills, climb all the rocks, and swing from the tree branches. At only 8 years old, he worked with us helping to prep the soil. He was constantly helping everyone and was so happy to have visitors. Sadie, another young free spirited child captured the attention of every Global Glimpser. His enthusiasm to help out in the kitchen was not only adorable, but a prime example of the determination of every single member of the Ayol family. Although he was no older than 2, he seemed to understand what it meant to be a humble worker.


Being Lider Del Dia was not as stressful as imagined, but was definitely hard work. It’s very difficult to remember everyone’s needs and concerns. It was satisfying to be there for people when they needed, and motivate others throughout the day. Today, we learned in order to keep others organized we have to keep ourselves organized first. We also learned that in order to be a strong leader we must lead by example, by not only demonstrating commitment, but courage and compassion as well.