Hello families and friends,

Today is Friday, June 30, 2017. This is our sixth day in Riobamba, Ecuador. The leaders of the day are Cesar and Kimberly. We will be talking about our experiences on this day which is called, Working & Living Like A Local. Take pride on this year Glimpsers who have been working hard, participating in activities and conversations. Everyday they are becoming more independent and better leaders.

To commence, today all the Glimpsers woke up at 5:00 in the morning. They took cold showers and got ready for the first activity of the day. We all went to Cesar’s house, who has been a partner with Global Glimpse for three years. We were also introduced to Luis, the president of his community. There we were served a delicious breakfest. Then, we went to work in their farms. All the Glimpsers were separated into three groups. The first group pulled out plants from the resevoir. The second group helped cover the water pipes with dirt. The third group stayed at Cesar’s house and helped prepare lunch for everyone. After lunch, Cesar gave us a tour of his farm, that currently has a variety of 34 vegetables. Cesar informed us that his farm was created 16 years ago.

In evening, we all returned back to the hostel called, La Primavera. There we prepared for our presentation on the CAP project. Many of us were nervous because we all had to say a complete sentence in Spanish. To conclude, everyone did a great job and the CAP project was approved.