Today we went to ISNAYA, a local business that buys medicinal plants and grows their own in order to turn them into medicine that benefits all of Nicaragua. ISNAYA is a well known and respected company in Nicaragua that works for the benefit of the community, supplying much needed medicines. While at the ISNAYA farm, we learned that because of a lack of money and resources, it is very difficult to start a business in Nicaragua, let alone keep it afloat.  It was sad to hear that the employees at ISNAYA love their work, but are paid very little because wages here are a fraction of what they are in America, even though similar work is being done.  As we learned earlier, low wages are common in Nicaragua.  We were all surprised to see that ISNAYA, a company that works towards a great cause, only has five main employees considering this company is very important to the community.  It was strange to hear that a business with such great ideas and potential does not have the man power that it deserves because in America, when a company has a good idea, it often receives funding that can be used to employ more people. The entire group was very proud that we were able to visit such an influential business that started right here in Estelí, also that ISNAYA is recognized by the Ministry of Health.  The idea of being the leader of the day seemed daunting at first because you have to keep everyone on schedule and make sure that everyone is where they should be.  However, after spending the day as leader I believe that my initial fears were unnecessary because the other members of the group really helped make my day as El Lider Del Dia memorable.