Hola Friends and Family!

We started off our day with eggs, lentils, and watermelon before heading out to Carlos Garbay. We began our hard work at 9 am. The Planting Committee got instructions from Marcio on how to use the tools before planting all 360 flowers. Meanwhile, The Painting Committee got started on mixing the paint and paint thinner. Both committees worked until 1 pm before lunchtime. However, lunch arrived late and by the time it arrived, we were all ravenous. During lunchtime, some of us had the chance to call home. After the long, nice break, we all got back to work. The Planting Committee ended up finishing planting the 350 flowers around the gazebo. By the time the flowers were planted, The Painting Committee was wrapping up painting both soccer goals. We cleaned up and headed back to the hotel, where many of us took naps and hung out. At 6:30 pm, we headed over to dinner at Isabel’s. The surprise chocolate cake tasted especially good after a long day. During the nightly meeting, we passed the LDD torch to Ethan!! We look forward to finishing our CAP project tomorrow.


Macy and Naty