Hi my name is Andrea, it is a dreadful day when you have to wake up early… especially when you are the leader and it’s at 5:30. On top of the early rise, Sundays are always hard for our delegation because we don’t see our wonderful cook, Licelot. Our day soon progressed when our skilled bus driver, Ronald, took us to La Federacion De Campecinos. Our plan was to “Work Like A Local” at the federacion, because a church group was having a 300 people celebration event. We ended up helping the locals serve and accommodate the church members.


Many people in our group were assigned to build a relay obstacle course that was created by one of the church members, while others worked in the kitchen washing dishes or serving meals, and organizing the garden as well.





The garden brings me to our next activity, which was presenting our CAP project to Esteban and a panel of people from the community.


During the presentation we explained the materials, money, committees, reasons why we chose the Green House, and how the job was going to get done.  Estaban and the community gave us feed back and told us how proud he was that we were so committed to the idea. He also told us that he could not wait to get started, he knew that we were off to a great start and could not wait to work with us.


We then enjoyed a wonderful lunch with Esteban at la Federacion.

I can honestly say that today was very difficult  to be El Lider Del Dia. As you may know we have been teaching english classes and this coming Wednsaday is their graduation which is also our CAP day #2. It has been a very busy week but since we are an amazing group, we have managed to get things done and are excited to visit the Caribbean Sea.

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