We started off this lovely day by waking up at 7. After an hour of preparation, the group headed to Imabite, once again, for a delicious meal of eggs, ham, and gallo pinto. We then proceeded back to the hostel where we got ready for our exciting activity at La Estacion Market.

We set foot on our  20 minute journey to the busy and loud market with our water bottles and advertising skills in tow. When we arrived, we witnessed dozens of little shops stationed at both sides of a small street, each full of various items such as fruits, colorful clothing and toys. IMG_2024In particular to our group, we were assigned to an owner of a clothing stand. We strolled down the bustling street, all the while shop vendors were attempting to attract customers through direct promotion. Soon enough, we reached the specific vendors in which we would be assisting in promoting their shop. Brayan and Kirsten proceeded to introduce the vendors and drop off each of the pairs that would work in the shop. The group experienced many difficulties trying to get the attention of a passerby. Most began to advertise loudly by yelling: “CAMISETAS!!!”, “PANTALONES!!”, “ZAPATOS!!!”, “TE BUSCA?!?” but realized that it only scared away customers. Eventually, the Glimpsers discovered unique tactics to draw in more customers, such as imitating the vendors’ strategy of grabbing onto an individual’s arm in order to further promote their products. IMG_2023Other techniques included speaking in foreign languages and carrying one another on each other’s shoulders. After 3 hours of hard work, Angel, the owner of Imabete, provided lunch for both us Glimpsers and the vendors and their employees. The meal consisted of fried chicken, rice, pasta, and salad. The Glimpsers thanked the owner of the market for allowing us to partake in the wonderful experience of working alongside a local of Nicaragua, then began the trip back home at 12 to prepare for our CAP presentation.

At the hostel, each group, dedicated to a specific part of the Glimpsers’ project for Barriletes, discussed their overall plans to present to Ramon, an associate of Dona Maria. The daily Leadership meeting took place during this time as well. Ramon arrived about an hour later, allowing each group to pitch their ideas concerning the mural, new water fountains, and patching of a hole. After considering Ramon’s ideas and suggestions, we were given 3 hours of free time.

Glimpsers utilized this extraordinary opportunity to contact their families at the internet café, enjoy refreshing ice cream cones, and to purchase cute dresses for the night’s dinner at Cocinarte. Unfortunately, many businesses were closed, including the bank, destroying the hopes and dreams of Glimpsers to convert their money into cordobas. Fortunately, however, everyone returned before 5 to get dressed for our fancy dinner paired with Brayan’s Market Awards.

The walk to Cocinarte was long and tiring, especially for those in flats and poor Kirsten in heels. At the restaurant, Brayan and Kirsten announced the winners to the prestigious Market Awards for categories such as Most Sales and Most Hardworking. IMG_2031We were then served absolutely delicious dishes of vegetarian tacos and pizzas, and bowls of fries. After enjoying this amazing meal and time together, we began the long return to the hostel to have our Nightly meeting where we discussed the events of the day and passed the torch to the new leader, Ismael. It was at this fateful meeting where Cassie received her first mosquito bite of her entire life, officially joining the club. We ended the day with lights out at 10:30, looking forward to the next day’s fun day: Volcano sliding!!!