Today was working like a local day so we visited a fruit factory in the afternoon. In the morning, we worked with our community action project (CAP) project committees until lunch. For our design committee, we were able to design five logos and several slogans. All the committees prepared for the presentation that we’ll be having tomorrow, and we accomplished a lot. I was really proud of every group for creating so many great ideas and working as a team.

After lunch, we went to a fruit factory thirty minutes away from San Victor where we washed and packaged fruits along Haitian workers. The students were split into pairs or groups of three to work with different fruits ranging from pineapples, watermelons, and tomatoes. We packaged fruits by placing them into plastic crates and weighing multiple crates at a time. All the students put a significant amount of effort when working at the factory and had a lot of fun! The workers and the manager were all really welcoming and caring towards us. As a result, students worked safely and happily. Some Haitian workers even attempted to learn some English from the students while other workers who already knew English conversed with us. After working, the factory gave us an assortment of fruits which included sugar cane, mangoes, grapes, watermelon, etc. The treat was a great way to rest and reward ourselves after many hours of hard work. I personally was really impressed by how well all the groups worked together as a team and how everyone maintained a positive atmosphere. While working alongside the fruit factory workers, I felt really touched by how joyful and hardworking the Haitians were despite the hard labor required at the factory. All the workers were really compassionate and willing to get to know all of us. Overall, working at the fruit factory was an engaging, active, and unique experience the whole group enjoyed!

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