Hello everyone,

Alicia and Rebekah here! We were so excited to work like locals as Los Lideres Del Dias! Waking up at 6 am was a change from the usual 7 am wake up call. However, we woke up to a day full of adventure at Mana where we worked on different conucos. Working alongside locals pulling weeds beneath the mango trees was a transforming experience. It gave us an opportunity to endure the esfuerzo (hardwork) that each local goes through every day. Each local carried a machete because some of the weeds were so tough that only a blade could get rid of the invasion. Under the mango trees lie sweet mangos and everyone selected a few to bring home. Other groups hiked through rivers to get to a plantain farm, where they pulled weeds and discovered a navy blue tarantella! We got on the bus at noon to head back to CONAMUCA. Then we had lunch and prepared for our English classes. After class we returned to CONAMUCA for dinner. Bed time was extended to 11 for the first time which was welcomed by each Glimpser!

Today, we were shocked to see how each farmer welcomed their daily task without protest or fatigue. Also, each dirt road was a work in progress abandoned by politicians to be carried out by locals with little to no resources. THIS inspires us to be courageous in our daily chores at home as well as difficult situations life may present because these locals are willing to make do with their situation without complaining until they are presented the opportunity to voice their concerns to the proper authority. We  exercised this strength today by maintaining enthusiasm throughout the day. One source of inspiration was derived from the group of locals who opened up to us at the beginning of the trip, explaining how the government promises innovation before an election and then does not follow through with any of their plans. These disappointed locals do not allow their frustrations to kill their drive to improve and their calloused hands are never idle.

Being Los Lideres Del Dia presented us the opportunity to lead our group in such a way that we are all cohesive and understanding as well as respectful. We both enjoyed working as a team and presenting our unique strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the day we were able to adapt and converse to ensure that we were being as supportive as possible to one another. We learned our own leadership styles and how to effectively meet in the middle. Alicia is very vocal and timely while Rebekah is organized and aware of the schedule. We are grateful to have worked together because we learned how to step up and step back to ensure the day would go smoothly and cohesive. Alicia taught Rebekah how to step up while Rebekah taught Alicia how to step back.

Thank You Global Glimpse Family, Good Night!