Today everybody woke up at four in the morning! It was great. What’s even better is that the leader of the day is required to wake up half an hour before everybody else. Everyone was really good about getting up and getting ready. At five we got on the bus and we went to Canavalia, an NGO that sells organic plants. On our way to Canavalia, most Glimpsers got some extra sleep.

When we arrived to Canavalia, we ate pork, bean dip, frijole chips, and rice for breakfast. Soon after eating breakfast everyone was split into a couple of groups that worked with the locals in either planting trees or herding animals.

Being in one of the herding groups meant that the Glimpsers would either work with bunnies or scoop up cow manure. Being in one of the planting groups meant that Glimpsers would either plant small fruit trees, or slip in mud while passing up plants.

I accidentally volunteered to be in the planting group. It was the group that had the privilege of slipping in the mud while passing up plants. It was incredibly fun to make lines of people passing plants to one another because everyone was singing and having a great time. However,  after passing up plants and grouping them together, we got to carry crates full of plants up a slip n slide. I mean hill.

After joyfully embarrassing ourselves for a good three hours, we were all done working like locals. We were so muddy that when we returned to everyone that they thought that we got into a mud fight.

Our speaker today was one of Canavalia’s administrators. She told us a lot about the farm and how their non profit works. In my opinion, she was the most interesting speaker that we have heard so far on our trip.

When we returned to the hostel there was a massive rush to take showers because a lot of our clothing was coated in mud. After the mad rush  we ate lunch and then spent the next few hours preparing for our English lessons today. After preparing for our lessons we ate dinner and then went straight to school to teach our students.

Teaching went as usual, and we returned to the hostel in order to have out nightly meeting. I then gave the honor of becoming the next leader of the day to Viri!