Hey Family and Friends,

Today’s trip was to a plantain farm called MANA. We woke up at 6:00 and ate breakfast on the bus at 7:00. When we got there, we learned about the farmers, and their life styles as well as their struggle, for example the farmers have to rely on the weather for irrigation. We then walked a little across some streams to the farm, where we started weeding the landscape. We saw some baby tarantulas (Not poisonous), which gave us quite a scare. After the rather strenuous weeding session, we got back on the WAWA (bus) with Giovanni, and headed back to CONAMUCA to have lunch and get ready to teach our future ENGLISH SPEAKERS!! After having some Jitter Bugs in our stomachs (Not literally) we all ended up having one of our best classes we have had so far at the school we are teaching at. After class ended at 6:00 pm we had a 45 minute class prep time and used it as a valuable time to prep for the next class which is this coming Friday.

20160803_092136After leaving the school we returned back to CONAMUCA were we had our last meal of the day aka DINNER which is mostly everyone’s favorite part of the day. Also as we all know by now the beautiful CONAMUCA staff always cooks the best meals for us and we appreciate them all the time and also enjoy messin and joking around with Santos the only male staff member of CONAMUCA. Furthermore to conclude the end of the day which was pretty pack with all the driving and working we did and can say for all that we all learned something new and have a new mindset on today’s trip that we can take back to the states.



P.S. Mom dad and Zack I hope you are all well, you probably are. Have fun and stuff. –Kyle!

P.P.S Mother bear just wanted to let you know hope you’re doing well and as for the family and tell the little brodi good luck on his USSSA all American tournament coming up this Friday wish him the best and wish I can know but I know im out here helping out the world little by little-Ferny!

P.P.S. This post was originally longer and more detailed, until the GG Leader Matt lost all the text at the last moment, making our Leaders of the Day have to quickly re-type it then hurry off to bed!  (We’re still dealing with internet issues; photo to come soon!  We promise!)