Today’s morning started with a wakeup call at 4:30am. For the most part we were able to get everyone up and on the bus by 5:00am. This development would lead to an hour long bus ride to farm where the students were expected to work like a local. Before we get to work, breakfast was served at 6:00am where students enjoyed eggs, pork, rice, avocado, and a tortilla. A highlight of this meal was the coffee made on the farm we were visiting. We then enjoyed a speech by a worker on the farm named Luis who explained how his farm is used as a model for other Nicaraguan farms to run. The benefits of what his farm does is not  use any chemicals or added hormones or steroids on his animals. He tries best as he can to keep it natural as possible. He’s more concerned with having natural foods so we are aware of our health, compared to other farms that don’t let public know what their goods contains. After the speech he let us get a glimpse of how a daily worker works and the daily wages they make for long hard labor. As we separated in groups to experience the different types of labors which was giving cows vaccines and cleaning barns and while others help carry and re-pot plants that were 50lbs+ going up and down steep hills countless times in the rain. Once we got done working students realized and mentioned how they got a greater appreciation for the privileges we have to not work hard as the daily worker in Nicaragua making bare minimum.

After we got back to the hostel students were given an opportunity to shower before lunch. After lunch students presented their Community Action Projects to Familias Especiales where we received rave reviews for our creativity and interest in the project. Then, students were given an opportunity to leave the hostel and go into the town without adults in groups of four. But, some decided to stay behind and bond with their fellow Glimpsers by playing card games or just conversation that would not be possible with the presence of our phones.

We then enjoyed dinner at 6:00pm and had a lovely surprise celebration of the 18th birthday of Joyceline by eating cake bought at a local bakery. After the celebration we all participated in a discussion of what we learned today at the farm before we prepared off tomorrow’s agenda of “Fun Day.”

By Jorge and Ezekiel

P.S, I love you mom, please tell Isabella I love her and I can’t wait to see her when I get back.

P.P.S shout out to everyone’s sons and daughters who nothing but good people with great love and positive vibes and we just keep bonding for the better. Also shout out to Chris and Charlie who enjoy helping students when tutoring.

Presenting ideas for the CAP project!


The birthday girl getting a slice of cake!


Jorge delivering vitamins to a cow on the farm!