Hello parents and friends! It’s the líders del día: Abby and Maya!! Today we had a big day with an early wake up call at six AM. After getting ready, we walked to La Favorita Center where we ate a delicious breakfast of eggs, bread, a wonderful fruit drink, and of course Gallo Pinto!! Shout out to Don Carlos for making sure I never get tomatoes (- Abby). Then, we walked to El Mercado Central de Granada where we talked to Don Rafael and Nubia for our working like a local projects. We split into pairs and worked at a stall for three hours to help the locals sell their merchandise. Later, we walked to Cafe de las Sonrisas where Tio Antonio gave an inspiring speech about how he helps those with disabilities. His all-deaf staff, who run the cafe, served us an amazing lunch with a dessert too. During this, we had to put earplugs in our ears to imitate how it feels to not hear. We learned how to make hammocks and were given the chance to buy some. We also learned our nicknames in sign language and took a picture with all of us on a huge hammock. Returning to the hostel, we had a CAP meeting to decide our project which will start on Tuesday. We had English Tutoring Prep then dinner at La Casa Roja (our hostel). Once again, shout out to Don Carlos for no tomatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We then had English Tutoring with a bit of tag afterwards, before walking back to Casa Roja for our nightly meeting. Rocket gave an AMAZING rap for his talent and we passed the torch off to him for tomorrow. Now we are writing this:::::::)))))))))

Selling zapatos!

At the market


Happy Belated birthday Mom, and happy early birthday Bella, sorry I wasn’t able to contact you on the corresponding days and tell you properly. Love you all and miss you like crazy. Believe in the good things coming! 🙂 ~Maya

Hey friends and Family, It’s Abby. I miss you all sooooooooooooo much. The trip has been amazing and I’ve loved just about every moment of it. However, I can’t wait to see you all. Only 9 more sleeps guys! Well, I wish I can hear from you. Hopefully, there will be a phone available for our free day tomorrow, but if not, I’ll send an email. I love you all so much and miss you. Good night, sweet dreams, I love you all!!! <3 -Abby