For working like a local day, we headed to La Granacha, a co-op community  near Esteli!  Today we learned how to milk cows, make tortillas, and grind coffee, and we also swam below the waterfall at Estanzuela. I thought milking cows would be easy and interesting because I’ve never milked a cow in my life, but it was not easy for me.  I thought if I squeezed the cow’s udder, I would hurt it and make it so angry that it will kick me in the face.

My group and I worked as a team as always, they are like a family to me. I thought they believed I was a terrible leader and not smart, and I was less talkative, but I was wrong they really cared about me. A friend of mine told me that I should’t worry what others think, but be more confident (thanks Willy).

It felt great being the leader of the day! I learned that I can be responsible for my actions and show solicitude for others. They said I was a funny, kind, and respectful leader. I love Global Glimpse.