Hola! This is Lola and Mayra 🙂

This morning, we worked with the sweetest mamitas at Mercado San Alfonso (the local food market in Riobamba)! We learned about food waste and how important it is to shop locally. We discussed ways for us to lead sustainable lifestyles back in America, such as using reusable products, thrifting, and looking into the policies of companies we support. It was beautiful to see how our peers use their Spanish skills to connect with the mamitas, and in return how happy it made the mamitas to share their lifestyles.

This is Lola! My mamitas name was Jenny. Although my Spanish skills are not what I would like them to be, Jenny and I were able to converse and teach each other things from our respective languages. I really enjoyed organizing the vegetables and learning new words to utilize for the rest of my time in Ecuador 🙂

This is Mayra, my mamitas was named Mashta, My time spent with her although brief, was a connection I’m happy to have made. It made me feel more in tune with the local people of Ecuador, learning about all their differences and similarities with us. Such as our shared Spanish heritage and the different Spanish dialects that we have developed. I am forever happy to have met Mashta.

We also worked on our presentation for our community action project (CAP). We will be sharing more in future blog posts about what we are going to do. We are really passionate about our plans and are excited to work on it!!!!

We also filled our free time with a visit to some stores and making string bracelets!!!

Love to Mom (Queen), Dad, Nana, Pop, Peyton, and Ben!!!!!!! We love your comments!!! (Lola)

Te quiero mams, pa, Andrea and Arianna <3 I miss you guys, bringing souvenirs. (Mayra)

Buenos Noches A todos <3