Hello everybody, Welcome to Working like a local day,

Today we started our day by waking up at 4:30 and getting prepared for working like a local. We traveled to a local organic farm in Nicaragua. Once we arrived at the farm, we were greeted by the two farmers who ran the farm and they treated us to a great breakfast before our day got started. Once we finished our breakfast we broke up into groups.  We had four groups; The first group made fertilizer out of cow manure, the second group was creating a house using bamboo; the third group had to cut down huge bamboo trees and walk them to the house ; and the last group had to plant trees in a sector of the farmland.  This activity was eye opening to all of us because we realize how hard they work for their money and how they don’t get paid enough for the hard labor they do . This hard work made people realize the exhaustion and difficulties that go into creating a living in Nicaragua. 

After working, We returned to the hostal to have lunch and which they made chicken and beans for us and fresh cantelope juice. After lunch, We had a seminar about our Community Action Project and which we gave ideas to figure out ways to help make there school a better and safe learning environment.  After we had are discussion about are Community Project are head leader Silvan lead us into a Human Rights conversation which we discuss the human rights and the rules of  as a American.  Once we finish are meeting we had dinner and got ready for tutoring prep that we had scheduled at 6:00 at the elementary of Nicaragua. Today was a very special day because we got see how it was to work like a local and we also got teach kids.

I will be ending this blog on that note and we hope you guys enjoy it and we appreciate your comments, Much Love from the Matagalpa Global Glimpse Family.