Hey everyone!
Welcome to our blog post written by your first student leaders of the day. Our fourth day in Constanza focused on working like a local and global business.
The day started off with an early 6:00 am wake up call but everyone seemed extremely excited to get out and experience the daily task that workers in the field face. We headed to a cucumber greenhouse owned by Alberto Quezada and everyone started to pick as many cucumbers as they could in the humid climate. Although all of us quickly grew exhausted from the labor, we remembered that all of the workers have to endure these hardships, earning approximately $5-8 per day, in order to provide for their families. You may be wondering, how many crates of cucumbers could 26 global glimpsers fill? And we are very proud to say that our total came to 103! Woohoo!
-Katelyn Wong (Hi Mom, Dad, Amanda, and Matthew! Miss you all!)
After eating a delicious lunch (rice with beans, salad, and meatballs), we got on the bus once again and headed to World Agro Marketing to focus on global business. We toured the facility where they package the small cucumbers which get sent to stores in the US and saw the workers sorting through the “good” and “bad” cucumbers. We were shocked to learn the sheer number of supposedly bad cucumbers which get wasted per day because of selling standards in the US (around 25%). We also learned that the Dominican Republic doesn’t have food banks so unsellable produce which might have gone to those in need of it is difficult to access, if impossible. I’m proud of  our group for asking meaningful questions and staying engaged during the facility tour. I was inspired by all the facility workers and managers, including our tour guide Deyanira, for their diligence day in and day out in doing the work necessary to support their families. Being Lider Del Dia was a more difficult task than I anticipated, but I learned more about my strengths and weaknesses as a leader through the experience.
-Maya NA (hi Mom, Dad, and chamaco)
Once we came back from the Cucumber factory, we got three hours of highly anticipated free time! Time which we could spend exploring Constanza everybody was really excited, and carefully contemplated how they wanted to use their time and explore the city. Despite the intense labor at the cucumber greenhouses, all of the boys decided to go to the local gym. After the gym, they celebrated their workout with ice cream and bought trinkets and treats at nearby shops. The rest of the group spent their time visiting different establishments around Constanza. Many Glimpsers chose to visit A Punto de Nieve, a cafe with great food, and great backdrops for pictures! Everybody wandered into the grocery store at some point during their free time, and got to check out local snacks, and stock up on familiar foods from home. People also got ice cream, from Bon, a bright and open ice cream shop overlooking a park. Cotton candy was a popular flavor among some glimpsers, and coconut caramel was a surprisingly delectable flavor! After coming back from free time, we cooled off with refreshing cucumber face masks, putting the cucumbers we got from the factory to use! Then we had an unconventional yet scrumptious dinner of scrambled eggs, boiled potatoes, and fresh papaya and cantaloupe. We are now preparing for tomorrow, when we get to live like a local and not use running water or electricity!
-Taara R. ( Hi Amma, Appa, Sree, Akka, Kanmani, Nila, Serena, and Henry!)
Big Love from Constanza, DR!
Katelyn, Maya and Taara



Katelyn and Raul pick cucumbers

Maya and Katie pick cucumbers

At World Agro Marketing with Deyaniera and many cucumbers

Taylor’s cucumber haul

Maria’s cucumber salon at Hotel Mi Casa