Buenas, it’s Hana and Max here!

Today, we woke up bright and early to head to breakfast at La Bruja. We had yummy pancakes and eggs with delicious orange juice. After our lovely breakfast, we headed to Finca Pamel which is a family-owned farm, where we worked for the day. When we arrived, we were greeted with lovely animals, amazing scenery, and friendly workers who guided us through tasks around the farm. Some glimpsers even got the opportunity to milk a cow! We all broke off into groups afterward and helped with various tasks from feeding farm animals, and picking chilis or weeds, to washing their bowls and cleaning their pens.

Next, we headed back to the main house for lunch, which was yummy chicken and rice, delicious pineapple juice, with some sweet cinnamon-covered plantains. This then, marked the last activity on the farm which was a historical hike, we learned about the indigenous people who inhabited the land previously. We learned how they traded using seashells, how they used a part of the land as a burial site, and how their royalty dressed.

Lastly, we returned to the hotel to have lots of free time and do our laundry while some glimpsers got to head to the market. Then, we had a lovely dinner of chicken and bean tacos, with passion fruit juice.

Today, was a grueling yet lovely day. All of our Glimpsers had so much fun and we are so happy we could write the blog for today! Please leave a comment and I hope we get to see you all soon! ˂3