Today’s leaders were Christopher Phillips and Ellis Ramos and we started on our CAP project which is the Community Action Project. We started the day by waking up at 7:00 am, eating together as a family and all taking a walk to the center for special families. It was amazing working with the families there, they were eager to receive help from the students. Some people helped make paper bags from recycled materials, make pinatas , and peel the wrappers off the bottles. It was nice to work and communicate a little with the people who work there.

We needed paint for our CAP project of painting murals. Getting paint in the city is not as easy as going to your local home depot, it is a long and tedious process. We went to a small store and had difficulty finding the right colors. We took our paint home in a coffee can, since they reuse the paint cans! After we picked up the paint and ate lunch we painted the wall outside the center for special families.

After that we went to tutor our English class. In one class the kids challenged us as they were on their phones. It was hard but they got the work done. Some of the American students got a taste of their own medicine. 😉

PS. Happy Birthday to Edward from Jasmine Medina!

PPS. Mom, hope you bring food to the airport love Chris