Today was the second day of our CAP (Community Action Project). Our mission is to install a pipeline to deliver fresh drinking water to 17 houses in the community that don’t have running water. A surprise that came our way was having to continue the first phase of our project because the trenches for the pipes weren’t deep enough. They had to be three feet deep.

The most inspiring person that we met today was the community leader named Olmedo. He kept the project in order, even during the many problems we faced. We are very proud of the fact that our peers kept trying their best all day while digging.

Something that we as leaders have learned today is that hard labor is tough and comes with a lot of responsibilities. We personally have found a newfound respect for the people who have to work out in the fields with the heat and not take many breaks. We also respect the community because they constantly walk up and down a steep hill to make sure the workers are drinking enough water. Being Leaders of the Day felt scary but also reassured us that we were best fit for becoming future leaders of tomorrow. Being able to manage 22 young adults was powerful and felt like we can make a change in the world.

Personal Messages:
(p.s) Yo Mom im dap you up when I see you (UWU) – Angel Jimenez

(p.s) Humberto, please take care of Leo & Frijol. I love you. – Jenni

(p.s) Love you, Mom and Dad, can’t wait to see you soon. – Christopher