Hi Beautiful People! I want to say congrats to everyone making it this far and that we are obviously very blessed to be meeting each other in the near future. This program is a true blessing, so, I’m gonna introduce myself as much as I can fit here so we can do outstanding work very soon. I’m Felipe (he/they), as stated in the author section. I love seeing the world plus sometimes I can’t help but wonder what amazing people are flavors we are destined to meet out there in the real world, but I won’t get too ahead of myself. I like capybaras, lizards, birds, emus, frogs, dogs, cats, hedgehogs, crocs as well as monkeys. I like video games and I’m part of the theatre club. Music and art calm me and bring me centered. I honestly can’t say curiosity has ever once disappointed me. I’m mysteriously attracted to the Grand Canyon. For some reason, sci-fi is the only thing I can ever get into as a series, show, or movie- Ask me about a Jurassic Park movie and I will freak! I will for sure be bringing a Spanish /English dictionary/translator book since I have no good lang. credit. in my family. My mom, dad, aunts, and uncles always speak to me in Spanish and English but there are some aunts and cousins that believe I can learn and I’ve improved since going to Mexico bi-annually. I believe that with or without the blog space, we are gonna achieve so much and learn beautiful mysteries with each other. I would like each and every one of you to know that we are challenging, unique, inspiring, and breathtaking just by being ourselves. I can’t wait to see this blog space grow as well as our connections, minds, and well-being. I won’t bite so ask a few questions about my gender or whatever you aren’t sure about! Stay safe. Hope to see everyone soon 🙂

-Felipe Orejel