Hello GGers on the trip to Moca,

I am looking forward to next week. Yes, one more week and we will be on our way.

I have been teaching for 11 years and have looked for someway to travel with students. The ability to see new and different places is something everyone should have the opportunity to do. Seeing how others live will connect you with the rest of the world. People are the same no matter where you go.

I was fortunate to live in Germany, attend and graduate from high school. My father was a employee of the United States government allowing him to work in Germany.  It was a great place to live and learn. It is a place where I learned that people are the same. They are just as interested in us as we are interested in them.

I am not the best at technology and using a Chromebook is a challenge. So no picture with this post, but I will add one soon.

To infinity and beyond. Watched Toy Story this week with my daughter.