Hello from Ecuador!

Today I was the Leader of the Day. I took the responsibility to be a host for the rest of our Glimpsers. I knocked on each one of the doors at 6:30 am and told everyone to get fully changed and to head out for some breakfast. The wonderful staff made us ham and cheese sandwiches with egg and fruit on the side. After breakfast we went to the bus and our bus driver, Don Fernando, took us to Pucaratambo for an indigenous festival. Don Segundo gave us a history about his people and pueblo and showed us the types of things him and his people did in the past to be alive without outside help. Some of us got to join in a sacred fire ceremony that the Cacha people had for the sun. We also made some friends with some alpacas. They were extremely friendly, but sadly we needed to head back to our hotel, La Primavera, and get ready for our first CAP seminar.

The CAP (Community Action Project) seminar was about an indigenous community called “El Molino” where we created “who” “what” “why” questions with our groups. After 1 hour and 30 minutes of our meeting, we went to La Nativa and we got to meet the owner Cesar. He taught us how to make empanadas. Also, we had the chance to eat “cuy” (guinea pig) and it tasted so, so good. We also had a guest speaker, Carmen, and she told us how it is to be a leader of an indigenous community, an activist, and a single mom.

After we stuffed our faces with delicious food, we headed back to La Primavera and we had our nightly meeting, and I got to pass the role of Leader of the Day to Micah!