Bustling Streets of San Juan!

Bustling Streets of San Juan!

San Juan's famous Cathedral

San Juan’s famous Cathedral

With Rubia - the master of the zapote milkshake

With Rubia – the master of the zapote milkshake

Helloooo Friends and Family! My name is Kyla and I currently attend Berkeley High School. Today was our second free day! More importantly, we were able to go out in groups of 4 or more by ourselves! Sounds exciting right? Before doing anything the first thing we did was have breakfast at Sheila’s. Today’s breakfast was Oatmeal, Toast, and hard boiled eggs. Loovedd the Oatmeal; it was really superb in my eyes

Personally, I jumped from group to group and went back and forth between the hostel and a new destination. During the first chunk of free time a lot of people went to make Phone calls or to visit the Internet cafe. Some even went to go souvenir shopping. Looks like everyone should look forward to gifts straight from the Dominican Republic!

In the second part of the day, we were able to have another four hours of free time. This is when a lot of people purchased snack items and food from around the city. Including me! After helping Allegra look around for a certain skirt she wanted (and then didn’t buy), Sayda, Allegra, Shuying, Robyn and I  visited a nearby hole-in-the-wall called Rubia’s. Here, we were able to buy grilled ham and cheese (or just cheese) sandwiches along with a milkshake. I went for the passion fruit milkshake while others went for pineapple. There’s usually another popular option called Zapote but it ran out because of its popularity. (I don’t really like it lol.) Several of the boys played basketball with some GG Ambassadors at the local sports complex. I had a lot of fun roaming around the city for a day. I’m sure everyone else did as well.
On that note, Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Hi Mr. Lamont! Hi Grandmother! Hi Ajene and Malik! I think that was everyone, lol. I hope everyone is doing well and I can’t wait to see you !