Celebrating 10 Years

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are looking back on everything we’ve been able to accomplish with the support of our amazing global community. From an impossible vision to a lasting impact on thousands of lives, thank you for being a part of our story!



Global Glimpse is incorporated in San Francisco and pledges to make life changing global education accessible to high school students from low-income backgrounds on a large scale.


pic_2008Global Glimpse launches in partnership with 10 low-income Bay Area high schools. 75 high school juniors travel to Leon, Nicaragua on the first delegations.


pic_2009Global Glimpse expands to serve 200 students and opens two new program sites in Nicaragua. The first full time staff member and future Executive Director, Eliza Pesuit, joins the team!



The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation makes a large investment in Global Glimpse to connect low income Bay Area high school students with the developing world.



Global Glimpse develops a sustainable “sliding-scale” scholarship to scale impact and launches a national partnership with Summer Search.


Global Glimpse develops a model for sustainable service learning and community engagement. All students participate in a Community Action Project as part of their international experience.


Global Glimpse expands to 13 new Bay Area High schools, sends 500 students abroad to 5 sites in Nicaragua, and launches an alumni program for high school seniors.


Global Glimpse launches in New York City and expands to the Dominican Republic (DR). 600 students from the Bay Area and NY travel to Nicaragua and the DR.


Global Glimpse launches its first program in Riobamba, Ecuador and expands to serve 730 students.


Global Glimpse launches in partnership with 10 diverse high schools in Chicago and a total of 850 students from three US regions travel to Nicaragua, the DR and Ecuador.


1000 students and 90 educators from 70 high schools are set to participate in Global Glimpse programs designed and operated by over 50 international staff. The Boeing Company and United Airlines become leading supporters of Global Glimpse Chicago.

A decade of impact

diverse youth have participated in Global Glimpse

awarded in travel scholarships

high school partners in 3 US Regions

teachers trained as global educators

International Community Partners

hours of English tutoring abroad

Community Action Projects

Join us in kicking off the next 10 years…