Partner Organizations

We believe deeply in the power of collaboration and partner with like-minded organizations and high schools across the country to provide transformative travel opportunities to students from all backgrounds.

Program Timeline

  • January: Application Opens
  • February-March: Application Deadline
  • February-April: Acceptances and Trip Placements (rolling)
  • April: Flights Finalized
  • May: Pre-Trip Orientation
  • June-August: Travel

*Timeline varies by organization. For more details, please view our student timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Global Glimpse?

Global Glimpse is a nonprofit organization that provides powerful international travel and leadership opportunities to high school students from diverse backgrounds. Students participate in a structured 16-day international experience focused on service-learning, cultural immersion, and leadership development in Ecuador, Panama, or the Dominican Republic. The Global Glimpse program builds empathy, agency, and global perspective to empower students from all backgrounds to succeed in college and drive change locally and globally. Founded in 2007, over 5,000 students and 500 educators have participated in our program.

What is the program fee? What do parents pay? What do students fundraise?

Students who are members of our partner organizations are partially or fully-funded by their organization. Some organizations hold fundraisers with their students. This is encouraged to fit with the Global Glimpse model, however it is optional. Fundraising materials are provided in all partner organization student portal accounts. Since each organization handles payments differently, families are encouraged to speak with their organization if they would like more details around the process.

How long is the program and when do the students depart?

The Global Glimpse program is a 16-day immersive summer experience. Travel dates range from early June through early August.

Who do students travel with? Do students travel with other students from their organization?

Students travel in groups of approximately 20 and are supported by two Global Glimpse Leaders (teachers from our partner schools) and two in-country staff. Diversity is at the heart of our program, so each delegation will be made up of students from the greater region, allowing students to learn as much as they can from each other and the global community. The maximum number of students from one school or organization on a single trip is six, but that number is often much lower.

Are the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Panama safe countries?

The safety of our participants is our top priority. Global Glimpse specifically selected the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Panama for its safety and security as stable and secure countries. All students are supervised 24/7 and will be covered under Global Glimpse’s international travel insurance. Additionally, all of our staff are First Aid/CPR certified, trained to respond to emergency situations, and carry a cell phone at all times in the event that they need to call the U.S.

What will my child do on your program?

The Global Glimpse program is a service-learning, cultural immersion, and leadership development program that is hands-on, immersive, and fun! Activities range from learning about the local life, businesses and culture, to exploring markets, forests, beaches, and volcanoes. You will collaborate with community leaders through a Community Action Project (CAP) and have space for personal reflection.

Where will my child be staying? What about meals and special dietary needs?

Students stay in shared dormitory-style living by gender that is safe, secure and clean. Global Glimpse uses catered food and bottled water to ensure student safety. Global Glimpse can usually accommodate special diets if indicated in advance on the student’s health form.

What type of accident insurance does Global Glimpse carry?

Accident, illness, and accident-related insurance coverage are provided for all participants. This coverage is included in the program fees. Pre-existing conditions and air travel are not covered under this accident policy.

What happens if I have to cancel?

Please refer to your organization as the cancellation policy varies. As a nonprofit we are committed to the students in our program and ask that students make the same commitment in return.

Having trouble with your application?

Review our step-by-step instructions or contact Jonathan Kramer-Roach at [email protected].

Testimonies from Glimpsers

“I stepped way out of my comfort zone and opened myself up to people I had never met before. I was able to be vulnerable and express myself in unique ways I have never had the chance to do before.” – Ana Sofie Botero, Summer Search Bay Area

“I have learned many valuable lessons from my fellow Glimpsers; lessons that changed my perspective on the world, myself, and life in general. The relationships I’ve made are extremely valuable to me, because I’ve grown from them and know that I can still learn more.” – Fabian Xu, Summer Search Boston

Interested in becoming a Global Glimpse Partner Organization? Contact [email protected]